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The most valuable Classic Car of the World

The most valuable Classic Car of the World

In the free port of Geneva, superrich collectors gather to celebrate 130 years of progress in the automotive industry. They pay homage to the most revolutionary invention on the way to seemingly unlimited mobility: 2016 the very first four-wheeled automobile with a combustion engine celebrates
its 130th anniversary.


In the year of 1886 the first drive of the Daimler motor carriage took place. Equipped with the first
fast moving petrol engine this invention of Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Maybach commences an era of unimaginable perspectives and possibilities for generations and millions of people to come.


However, there is a drop of bitterness throughout the celebrations in Geneva – the birthday boy is missing. The prime father out of the long line of ancestors of classic cars is missing. The original of all four-wheeled automobiles has disappeared.


In order to celebrate this remarkable anniversary as part of a glittering event, several ambitious collectors and ff fancyfancies have created a most elaborate model of a Daimler motor carriage –
itself slumbered long-forgotten in the attic of a mansion – adorned with around 3,000 smaller and
12 multi-carats colour-intensive fancy diamonds.


The model THE MISSING LINK is valued at around 260 million Swiss Francs, thus being a collector’s
item in a class of its own. Befitting one's rank, it is reminiscent of the priceless lost original. Besides,
THE MISSING LINK is the first exhibit of the ff fancyfancies diamonds & art collection®.


At Sotheby´s and Christie´s international auctions of jewellery and diamonds in 2015 fancy diamonds (colourful blue, pink and orange multi-carats) arrived at sensational prices of several million $/ct. 
(ct=0.2 grams ).


Fancy diamonds create highest value on the smallest possible space. They are natural and very rare coloured diamonds that are only produced in very few diamond mines in the world. That explains their exclusiveness and their enormous capital gains that could be compared to the rarest of classic cars .


Santi Covato


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